Hike, Crabs, Yachts & Happy Feet!

We went hiking yesterday at Saint Edward State Park, It’s about 7 minutes from our house. The park was a Catholic Seminary and has beautiful architecture.

It also has 316 acres of forest and lake shoreline hiking. We actually found it Friday on our way back from the boat, but went back yesterday for a real hike.



Sailboats, canoes and wild dogs were out. Oh, that’s my wild dog!



Then we took stinky to the Pup Scrub for a bath.

He loves it, it just looks like he is planning his escape!

I found myself flirting with the sexy dog groomer! Couldn’t help myself!!!
Then we dumped dropped the dogs off at home and headed over the bridge to Seattle to eat crab at Chandler’s Crabhouse
I did a quick review about it here!

Totally wind blown after our hike!
Then we walked off dinner with some window Yacht shopping!!

I have been on an apple & pear kick, so we went over to Pikes Place to hit up the fruit stand.


Apples, Asain Pears, Red Pears and these….Grapples?!?!

“Crunches like an apple, tastes like a Grape??” I’ll let you know, but I really got it because the packaging matches my nail polish. Joking :-)
To end the day on a high note and with happy feet, we went here! Pure Bliss!

Ugh, I do need a manicure! xo


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Hike, Crabs, Yachts & Happy Feet! — 2 Comments

  1. Ok… I will admit it. I’ve always wanted to visit Washington! This post ia the reason why! Beautiful pictures Lizette! Maybe I can talk James into visiting soon. :)

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