Take Your Wife To Work Day

Or, Taxi Your Wife To Work Day, In The Name Of Cancer Research?!?!

SEE how excited I am?? This is because I hate to drive love to take Taxis! I’m not the greatest driver as it is, so I prefer being chauffeured around while I read emails, polish my nails, make a sandwich, all the normal stuff I do when I’m driving. (I’m sure everyone else appreciates me taking a taxi also.) HB had me meet him at his office so I could take him to the airport later. Old Bubba is going to hang out with the other rednecks NASCAR this weekend in Texas. I was going to go but I have episodes of The Real Housewives Of Orange County to catch up on thought he needed a guys weekend. Ain’t I nice!
But the Most Important Reason I went to his office today was for the St. Baldrick’s fundraising event.
Friends, family and co-workers made donations to see Hunny Bunny and some of his colleagues shave their heads to raise money for children’s cancer research!

I got there a little early so that he would feed me.

So I bugged him endlessly helped him work.

I was nosying around in their office kitchen, LOOK how they stock there fridge!! There’s beer in there!

Then I stood in front of him and started tap dancing and making obnoxious faces.

He finally figured out that if he fed me I would leave him alone!! It Worked!!

Shrimp and Crab Salad from Seastar.

And the Hot and Sour Soup with shrimp.

Then it was TIME!!

That’s Jesse scurrying around in the background. She was the the one who organized this fundraising event and she did a Super Job!

That’s Pretty Nathalie shaving his head. She really did do a great job on the guys, and she is a colleague, not a hairdresser!

Here’s the guys who participated. Aren’t they a great looking crew!! And did this for such a great cause!

These guys raised $9000!! Rumor has it about $900,000 was raised company wide!! It was a great day at the office! xo


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Take Your Wife To Work Day — 1 Comment

  1. Hey!! They missed the fuzzy beard on bullet head, our new St. Baldricks star. And whats with the “NO Boones Farm screw top” in the fridge??

    Great event.. Nice job, Team Wilson the II..


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