Boogity Boogity Boogity

The title? Its a NASCAR thang.
Old Bubba is still at the Redneck Rodeo race track. I’m still in my pajamas, my hair has upgraded to a condo and the Pygmies are trying to capture Pikachu so they can eat him. (If you haven’t read yesterdays post your probably scratching your head right about now. Or scratching it thinking about how mine must feel right now.)The Tribe are boycotting my Lean Cuisine, food out of a cardboard box, diet. I don’t blame them. We all miss the cook Bubba. Especially Pikachu, since his life now depends on it!

He is still grumpy that the love of his life is M.I.A. He keeps looking at me like I did something with him. I know better, I’m not messing with the hand that feeds me! I tried offering this to the little traitor to console him until his lover comes back to civilization.
What?? It’s a Bacon Bouquet!!

Old Bubba is still drunk texting me pictures like this.
And this.
I figured I’d share in the culinary teasing. After all, misery lives company :-) “Well hello there!!”

More pictures from the trailer park campsite.


All the peeps came out!
There’s Carl & Kelly XOXO


David & Cabrina XOXO


While Bubba has been off in Left Turn Heaven, I have been starving catching up on the important stuff. Yep this stuff, and figuring out how I can be best friends with these girls. I’m sure they want another housewife friend. :-) Im thinking about sending them a friendship bracelet made out of the braided hair I’ll have to mow off my legs before Bubba comes home. Weird you say? I know, it’s what happens when I’m left home alone for too long.
I think too much. I think about stuff like this too, ‘what if you got a text from you dog?’ Would It look something like this?


Pikachu keeps mean mugging me. He better straighten up, or I might sacrifice him to the Pygmies. Gotta keep peace one way or another around here. Peace out! xo

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