You Know Your A Redneck When…

You got Engaged at NASCAR! True Story.
So, Old Bubba (How I’ll be referring to HB until he returns from Redneck Heaven) is at NASCAR (Texas Motor Speedway) this weekend. Which means I stay in pajamas all day, let the hair on my legs grow out so that Pygmy Warriors can count on me as refuge and keep my hair dirty and in a rat’s nest I get pictures like this sent to me.



While I resort to eating like this.

I miss him want my cook to come home already!!!

I also get pictures of pretty girls in fancy baubles like this texted to me.


Girl better back off! Hey, did my husband buy you those baubles?!


While I’m back at home being glared at by an Angry Chihuahua who stays curled up in a fetal position because Old Bubba is gone.

He LOVES Old Bubba. He is my dog, but only likes me when I carry him in his Papoose because Old Bubba won’t. Turd.

Things aren’t all that bad, Im rockin my Dirty Rat’s Nest!! :-)

Gotta Go, I need to go warm up a Lean Cuisine so I can feed my Tribe of Pygmy Warriors. xo

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