Ridin’ Solo

I don’t think Bubba can handle this Piece Of Sexy!20120415-103844.jpg

So I showered up to get the stank off.
And there’s Pikachu mean mugging the camera.
It’s getting kinda ugly up in here.

Dang it, I totally forgot to use the ‘make your hips look slimmer’ lens on my camera. Fail.

I decided I’d come out of my dungeon today, and went to the gym.
I’ve started taking my IPad with me so I can watch my shows on the treadmill, not the
cable channels (the gym provides) with commercials.
I have no patience for commercials, only restaurant ones!
I did the treadmill for an hour, and then hit some machines.

Sideways :-) I’m Showing off my video skills!
I miss Bubba going to the gym with me. I’m feeling all Jason Derulo.

I got this on my way home to drown my sorrow in.
“My Bubba’s at NASCAR I’ll cry if I want to,”
Nonfat birthday cake froyo! Delish!



Getting back into my healthy routine, I roasted these veggies today.
I never said I can’t cook, I just don’t let Bubba know I can cook. I know, Genius, Right!?!?! :-)

I’ve been filling up this gallon pitcher of water and making a point to drink it all in one day.
I pee a lot.


You know Planking?


Have you seen this?? Draping!!

Bubba comes home tomorrow night.
Maybe I will quit with some of this nonsense! Maybe! :-) xo

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