Mr. HasAJob is out of town on business, which means that we do what all hot for each other couples do.
We Sext..




Food porn!
Have I mentioned how much we love food?!? Food is definitely our love language!

My mom and I don’t sext that would be weird but I do get sympathy texts (I’m still nursing my toe from minor surgery) from her like this.


And ones from her dog like this.


Maybe she does sext me a little, I got this tonight!!


So what’s a girl to do when she is laid up with a bum toe? Shop online with Amazon Prime!

Got these babies today.
I don’t worry about HB reading about how I chill all day and shop online, because I told him if he read my blog it will burn his retinas and he will never be able to watch NASCAR again!
Damn Skippy he’s not reading my blog!

I have been productive though working on these announcements for our High School Graduate!

Proud of you son!!


I felt a little better today so I thought I’d venture out and get my Snookie On.

I really took that picture because I wanted to know how a picture would turn out with all those UV rays. Pretty Blue!!

It’s a known fact I can’t don’t like to cook.
Well, I’ve also been told that I make horrible coffee. Too strong, too weak, not enough etc..
Tastes fine to me but whatever, I aim to please my Sugar Daddy so I am going to experiment with these 4 coffees until I get it right!

Also a great excuse to buy lots of good coffee, smart huh!

I snacked on this today. HB knows how much I love this brand of hummus so he steals them for me from the Alaska Airlines VIP Lounge when he travels. By the way, I get 20% off my lifetime membership at the How To Train A Good Husband School if you sign up to get your husband trained right and mention my name. Can you help a sister out?!


I’ve been trying to keep this one entertained.

But he got bored to death.


I covered up his private parts, we have a ‘PG’ rating here! xo

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