A Bride, 2 Proms And A Grown A$$ Man

We had a blushing bride in our lives recently.
Looks to have been a budget wedding as her dress was made of Charmin toilet paper. The double rolls.
It was also a last minute shotgun wedding, which leads me to believe and start rumors that she’s pregnant.
Can you see where I get my ideas from?















It happens!

Actually it’s my mom at a bridal shower, playing one of those bridal shower games but I like to create drama so I’m going with my original story.
I’ll be watching for the baby bump

I did send her this purse as a wedding gift.
And she has been using it to hide her baby bump showing it off all around town.

My sweet grandma.
I don’t think she has any clue about her daughters shenanigans!

Mom was real excited that her purse matched the flowers on her lunch table, and that it’s big enough to double as a diaper bag.

I just hope she doesn’t gain 750 pounds like Jessica Simpson did before giving birth to a walking talking toddler on her 5’3 frame.















In other, mucho important news
We had 2 proms recently.
My perfect child precious angel BrookLynn and her BF Rio.

And my oldest son Ashton and his GF Madison on his prom night.
They have no idea what their grandmother is up to!
I try and keep them sheltered from riff raff.
No shotgun weddings in their futures.
Please and thank you.

To know me is to know I love Rap and Hip Hop and despise Country music, but I heard this little diddy by Luke Bryan and I could actually be a Country convert!
Love it!

Can we talk about this picture???
It’s all kinds of wrong!!

‘Kim Kardashian struggles to get out of Kanye West’s $500,000 Mercedes SLR McLaren.’

STRUGGLES?? It’s like the car is giving birth to her!!

And the fact that Kim is pulling a Britney is just in bad taste.

She has Kanye and his $500,000 Mercedes, she doesn’t need that kind of attention.
But I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, I mean maybe it has something to do with all that junk In her trunk making her bottom heavy, (literally!!) and weighing her down.
What I don’t understand is if all that juiciness was on my rear end, I would be considered fat. As it is, I’m nowhere near that lushness yet I am on a diet everyday of my life.

Maybe it’s because I eat stuff like this.
And order a table full of food like this.
I do love to eat.
But what do I love more than eating??
Not cooking!
Although I have been motivated to cook recently to keep my jobless-stay-at-home-wife-status, so I have been whipping up stuff like this.

Pork Chop, baked potato and grilled peppers.

Spaghetti, garlic bread and salad.

Some pork salsa thing I made up.

And here is the Grand Umpa of them all…. I made home made hamburger buns, and rolls!
They may have come out a little strange shaped, but don’t judge, the ‘Master of the house and the key to my gravy train’ loved them and said they were great, plus I earned major unemployed House Ho Kudos!

We made some into pork sliders.

And BBQ Chicken sandwich’s.
Want to know what motivates my Hot Sexy to cook?
Watching Pitmasters, his favorite show.
It usually leads to something like this on the grill that same day.
Baby Back Ribs and grilled butternut squash.

Nothing hotter than a guy who makes his own dinner ribs. Hey Sexy Thing! ;-)

This Lizette hater little guy got his fill too.

Then he found himself full and passed out on a pile of his daddy’s ties.
I had the last laugh though when I picked him up from the vets and they brought me out a crusty sailor.

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