Friday’s Letters

Dear Blog, I have been neglecting you. I am so sorry. I have missed you. Let’s start fresh today, ok? :-)

Dear Hunny Bunny, I’ve missed you this week. I am so glad you’re on your way home! Thanks for making the time to take my Nana out to lunch & dinner while you were in Florida, on bizzness. (!!) You’re my A Train!

Dear Sweet Neighbor L, I love our walks. I love getting my sweat on while talking to you about anything and everything. Look forward to it every time.

Dear Prince Pikachu Kimchee, you are so high maintenance. It’s a good thing I don’t work, so I can be here all day at your beckoned call. I mean, looking at me and whining for your treats and to be let outside to bark at the dogs next door every 10 minutes, really? Go take a nap already, please!

Dear Amazon, Thank you for bringing all of those wonderful boxes to my front door. Your the best!

Dear Uber Car, I am so excited about discovering you! Thank you for bringing HB home tonight, so I don’t have to drive to the airport in the rain. I’m sure we will see you again this weekend, if we decide to go out. :-)

Dear Body, Thank you for finally co-operating with me!! I have worked really hard and you are finally showing it! You made my day (heck, you made my week!) when I got on the scale yesterday! THANK YOU!!

Dear Physical Therapy, You are so hard to get to and your parking is ridiculous. I’m glad my arm is feeling better, because I’m not coming back, unless I call Uber Car!

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OUR WEBSITE NAME COMES FROM: My husband is John C Wilson II, He is John Carter Wilson the 2nd Hence: The name of our website: Wilson II Hi there! I’m Lizette & I’m a ‘Real Housewife Of King County!!’ I am married to a Brilliant Sexy guy named John, A.K.A. Hunny Bunny! He is a Business Development Executive and does all kinds of Brillianty (!!!) stuff! We have 3 great teenagers. John & I live on the lake in Medina, Washington. We moved to Washington in October 2011 for Hunny Bunny's job and are transplants from Texas. I decided to start this blog so our family and friends can see what we’re up to and to document things we don’t want to forget! Besides seeing random posts about our life & food (we are foodies!) you will find stuff about my weight, exercise and health because I want to document my new healthy lifestyle . We have 2 dogs, an amazing 4 pound Chiyorkie named Prince Pikachu Kimchee and a fine Chocolate Labrador named Chance Winston. 10 Random things about us: 1. I Climbed Mt. Whitney (In California) 3 times. 2. John graduated High School and got his Drivers License in Japan. 3. I hold a Nail Technician’s License in Texas & Washington. 4. John can play every brass instrument. 5. I lived in VietNam from 2 to 5 years old and had to re-learn the English Language when we moved back to the states. 6. We hold season tickets to NASCAR. 7. We drove our RV from Texas to New York, just so we could tailgate the Jets game! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!! John lived & worked in NYC for many years. 8. I worked at a Baptist Church for 5 years before moving to Washington. 9. Hunny Bunny is a gourmet cook. Lucky Me!! 10. I collect purses. Bonus: We are very quirky!!

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