Christmas 2012

Sunday started with a cookie baking party at my friends Karina’s, who lives in West Seattle.
Of course, with my mad driving/direction/wrong address punched into the Garmin skills, I ended up in the ‘hood’ somewhere far away from her house. So I ended up being a little late and the assembly line & production had already begun.

It was really something to watch, these folks are really organized and very creative.

I tried to hide my kindergarten art decorated cookies amidst the Picasso decorated artists cookies.

These cookies tasted just as wonderful as they looked!

Karina and I

It was loads of fun and I was able to meet some of Karina’s friends and take home some beautiful and delish Christmas cookies. I’m going to be sure and stay on her good side all year, so I can be invited back next year. I hear she only invites a ‘select few!’

Our Christmas weather has been cool but gorgeous outside.

I think the picture above looks like a water color painting, so beautiful!



Christmas morning was just Hunny Bunny and I.
I made HB take all day (I mean, all the way up until midnight) to open up all of his gifts. It was fun to drag it out like that, and the fun of Christmas lasted all day long. So, every couple hours I would grab another gift for him to open!

He got lots of new sweaters, cologne, a nerf gun for the office (I’ve heard the guys at the office have battles with nerf guns! Maybe that’s why they always make the Forbes list of best companies to work for every year!) well I made sure HB had the biggest and baddest gun to shoot with!)

It’s kind of a big deal and the gift he was most excited over!
He also got a lot of wine accessories, coolers, openers, aerators, 12 bottle TSA approved shipping tote, and tickets to the Seattle Food Tour (for food lovers, like us!) which we are going to this Saturday.

I got this from him..

Best gift ever :) and I am really excited because we leave next week!

Our oldest (Ashton, 19) got me this beautiful necklace that I won’t take off of my neck.


Our sweet neighbors invited us up for Champagne and brunch. It was so nice to just walk up (7 1/2 flights of stairs!!!) to brunch.
Jason & Leslie


Sorbet and Champagne.

Fun gifts from them!


Socks for the baby!!


They know us so well!!!
We went home and immediately tried to put them on antagonized him!

How cute are those itty bitty socks on his little tiny rabbits feet!!! We really enjoyed this!!!

It doesn’t take much to make us happy & entertained, especially on our dogs account. This had us in a Pikachu happy place for a couple hours! We even tried putting them on him while he was sleeping. Too funny. :)

Here are just a few more fun gifts we received…

My dad and Therise sent us $100 MCormick & Scmidt gift card… I love gift cards!! We are going to save it for a special day. There is a MCormick & Scmidt right by our house and we love their food!

My mom and David sent us $500!!!
One more time …..$500.00!!!
I was SO EXCITED!! We are going to take it with us to Florida to use as fun money!

Kelly sent me lots of beautiful things!!!


Beautiful sweater and scarf necklace (she sent 2 actually!)

Her family Christmas card, which I love!!

The ring below, not the old lady hands!!!


My brother & sister-in-law sent us Redneck wine glasses!!!

Mason jar wine glasses! How fun are those!?!?!

Here is a picture of my brother, sister-in-law (Kim) and our three kids taken yesterday at my mom’s.

Kim is about 5 months pregnant with their first child!!

Nana sent us a fun ‘tower’ of gifts from Harry & David’s. I love opening each of those little goody boxes.

I think my favorite thing to recieve every Holiday season is the Christmas cards with family photos on them! I keep them on my fridge all year long! So if you sent us one THANK YOU and if you didn’t.. Please DO, it’s not too late!!!





This is Kelly’s from last year. It’s still on my fridge!

Here is a cute Christmas picture BrookLynn (our daughter) and Preston (our youngest son) texted me :)


I thought I would throw in this picture of John in front of the Christmas tree he bought for me for my condo, when we were still dating, over 6 years ago. I love this picture!!


That evening John made us shrimp scampi and home made mushroom soup.




It has turned into a tradition that we have seafood for the holidays.

We hope everyone had a wonderful, Christ filled, blessed Christmas!
Here are some random Christmas tree pictures from the last 2 weeks.



Love, John & Lizette xo

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