This Is One Reason I Love Washington


It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!! This is Mt. Rainer we were ascending this morning. Breathtakingly beautiful. We have trees, mountains and lake all around us. We live in Kirkland WA which is a lake town. Heard a local once refer to it as “The Newport Beach of Washington”. That would only make Sense If you have been to Newport Beach, California. A quaint, boutique ocean side town. Kirkland is just like it, but on the lake. Here are some pictures, lakeside. xo



When She Calls I Come Running!

I got a text from my daughter and it said this “I’m shopping for prom dresses without my mama :(”
I am now sitting in the SEATAC airport waiting on my flight to Texas!!
You see, back in July 2011 my husband was offered a position at a Forbes Top Ten company in Seattle and he went for it! In October we packed up and moved. We gave the kids a choice to uproot or stay with their father in Texas. I believe I made the right choice by letting them choose.
So, when I get a text like the one above: I come running… well flying !
My husband is the angel who got me a last minute ticket and I’m off!
Its perfect timing as this is the kids Spring Break and I’ll be able to see them a lot! Prom dress shopping in Dallas tomorrow at Terry Costa, a massage with BrookLynn on Monday, and I hope to see Kelly & Cabrina and hope to surprise Teresa and Cheryl at Glenview Baptist Church (where I worked for the last five years)
I’ll be staying at my mom & dads and plan on surprising my grandma too! It was such a last minute trip I really didn’t get a chance to tell anyone I’m coming , so I thought I’d try to surprise some folks! I plan on posting, so…
‘See you’ in Texas!!! xo